Uptown Lincoln is one of the premier auto dealerships in Southeastern Wisconsin. They’re not only known for their safe and reliable vehicles, they’re also known for their high-end maintenance and superior customer service. When it came time to elevate their service center to support their growing customer base, they reached out to the Briohn team to lead the design and build efforts.


Uptown Lincoln desired to establish a cutting-edge service center in proximity to their current dealerships to support their growing customer base. A site was located on Highway 100 that fit the location requirements; however, this location came with some considerable challenges. The site had high traffic volume and narrow dimensions, making it difficult to construct on. Through dedicated efforts, the Briohn team was able to maximize the building footprint on the property and deliver the Uptown Team everything on their checklist. The result was the completion of a highly functional service center with a sleek design and first-class technician stations. Blending function and form into Uptown’s ability to deliver best in class service.


The end result was a unique, fully constructed facility – a 21,440 SF Ford Quicklane and Service Center to conduct maintenance on vehicles for Uptown loyal customers. We’re thrilled for Uptown Lincoln and will be customers for years to come!


We are very pleased with the work the Briohn team did to support our expansion. The building is beautiful and functional, and allows us to grow into the space even more in the near future.

- CEO, Glenroy


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