Jilly’s Car Wash is a local favorite when your car has seen better days. Their high-end wash and vacuum systems make them one of the best in the business. Located across Southeastern, WI, their customer service is renowned around the country. 


Jilly’s Car Wash has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. And with this growth has come increased demand. Jilly’s wanted to open new car washes around the Milwaukee area. When they found an opportunity to expand in Mequon, we helped them secure land on Port Washington Road, design and build around unique obstacles such as existing businesses and residential areas, and construct the facility at an efficient pace, just in time for summer.  


Jilly’s Car Wash in Mequon opened just in time for Summer, the busy car wash season. Their location on Mequon was a perfect spot to attract local drivers who frequent nearby businesses. This Jilly’s Car Wash integrated fast-payment lanes as well as high-powered vacuums to enhance the car wash experience.


We are very pleased with the work the Briohn team did to support our expansion. The building is beautiful and functional, and allows us to grow into the space even more in the near future.

- CEO, Banker Wire


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