CFR Engines, located in Pewaukee Wisconsin is the premier destination for fuel rating equipment due to their in-depth expertise in the petrochemical industry, engine/combustion technology, testing and standards, as well as product sales and distribution. CFR consistently introduces fresh innovations and product offerings aimed at elevating the overall quality of global fuel.


CFR Engine’s commitment to quality and continuous education led them to experience rapid growth, reaching a point where their existing facility could no longer accommodate their needs. Recognizing this challenge, the Briohn team stepped in to explore ways to increase their R&D output, production and warehousing. Our architects and design team worked diligently to develop a solution for expanding their current footprint and fulfilling their expansion goals. Leveraging CFR Engines existing land, we successfully constructed an addition that enabled the consolidation of their entire team in a single location.


CFR efficiently maximized their allowable building footprint on the property to increase their production space and training capability to allow for a better client training experience. The addition is home to additional warehousing space, a 500 SF fuel storage room, and a 9,100 SF state-of-the-art training facility to allow them to better service their clients. 


We are very pleased with the work the Briohn team did to support our expansion. The building is beautiful and functional, and allows us to grow into the space even more in the near future.

- CEO, Glenroy


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