Zero Zone is a pioneer and leader in the refrigeration industry. If you’ve opened a cooler or freezer door at a grocery store, chances are you’ve opened one of their products! Refrigerated and frozen food display cases have been the foundation for the innovations that propel Zero Zone as being one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Today, Zero Zone continues to surpass the challenges that the refrigeration industry faces by developing innovations that maximize product visibility, extend product shelf-life, reduce environmental impact, save energy, and deliver the best overall ROI to customers.


The challenge for Zero Zone was simple: locate land, build and develop an integrated industrial logistics warehouse near their headquarters in North Prairie, Wisconsin, and complete it all ASAP.

In July of 2022, our team got to work exploring land and development opportunities for this new facility, landing on a parcel within a Mukwonago industrial park. In August of 2022, we helped execute a lease agreement and began design efforts for an innovative facility that met all of the warehousing and logistic demands of their business.


In February of 2023, within 5 months of starting construction, our team turned over the keys to the 183,000 SF industrial manufacturing building, just 7 months after our conversations with Zero Zone began. This was the fastest build of this size for commercial construction in the state of Wisconsin! The Zero Zone team was thrilled that this speed helped keep pace with their growth trajectory so there was no lapse in business transactions. We are thankful to the great Municipal relationships we have in Mukwonago which supported the approvals and speed of production of this project.


We are very pleased with the work the Briohn team did to support our expansion. The building is beautiful and functional, and allows us to grow into the space even more in the near future.

- CEO, Glenroy


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