Super Products, based in Mukwonago, WI, has grown from a small manufacturing company to a nationally recognized supplier of vacuum trucks. Super Products has always been at the cutting edge of vacuum truck development featuring advanced technology and customized solutions driven by customer needs.

Innovation is at the forefront of everything Super Products does. All units are engineered for a wide variety of applications and designed with the operator in mind while being recognized for high quality, durability and ease of operation. Super Products gives contractors and municipalities access to the industry’s most efficient and progressive vacuum excavators, combination sewer cleaners, industrial vacuum loaders, truck-mounted jetters and liquid vacuum trucks on the market today.


The challenge for Super Products was developing a multi-functional facility that allowed for sales, production, and repairs to happen under one roof – while providing space to grow as the market demanded.

We helped the Super Products team locate land within the Mukwonago Industrial Park and obtain municipal zoning and construction approvals. Our internal design team concepted a layout that met the needs of Super Products while ensuring expansion opportunities in the future.


The end result for Super Products was a stunning yet functional headquarters, spanning over 171,000 SF. The facility is allowing the Super Products team to thrive with collaboration between sales and production under one roof. The new facility allows for more efficient production of their equipment by having a throughput production line all under overhead crane rails, which also includes a unique paint booth setup to rail in and out completed parts. We’re excited to watch the Super Products team continue to grow!


We are very pleased with the work the Briohn team did to support our expansion. The building is beautiful and functional, and allows us to grow into the space even more in the near future.

- CEO, Banker Wire


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